Guide to Automotive Brake System Maintenance

The automobile braking system, as a crucial component of driving safety, bears the important responsibility of safeguarding the lives of drivers and passengers.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the braking system, prolong the service life of the vehicle, and provide reliable braking performance in emergency situations, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some suggestions for maintaining the automobile braking system to help you protect driving safety and enjoy a pleasant journey.

1. Regular inspection of brake fluid

Brake fluid plays an important role in transmitting pressure within the auto brake system in cars. Regularly checking the level and quality of brake fluid is crucial for ensuring braking efficiency. Expired brake fluid can affect braking performance and even lead to brake failure. It is recommended to replace the brake fluid every 6 months or according to the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

2. Pay attention to brake discs and brake pads

Brake discs and brake pads are the most common wearing parts in the braking system. Regularly check whether there are dents, cracks, or severe wear on the surface of the brake discs, as well as the thickness of the auto brake pads, to ensure they are within the safe range. Excessively worn brake discs and brake pads can reduce braking efficiency and even generate abnormal noises. Timely replace heavily worn components to ensure stable and reliable braking performance.

3. Maintain ABS and AEB systems

Modern automobile braking systems are often equipped with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems. These intelligent systems play an important role in improving driving safety. Regularly check the working status of the systems to ensure the sensors, electronic components, and control units are functioning properly. If any malfunctions or warning lights appear, seek professional repair assistance as soon as possible.

4. Pay attention to the electronic parking brake

The electronic parking brake, as a part of the modern electric car braking systems, also requires regular maintenance. Ensure the electronic parking brake functions properly and operates flexibly. Especially after long periods of non-use, occasional use of the electronic parking brake can prevent parts from rusting or getting stuck.

5. Driving habits and road conditions

Reasonable driving habits and attentiveness to road conditions are also important factors in ensuring the automobile braking system's performance. Avoid excessive braking when decelerating to prevent excessive pressure on the braking system. In adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow, decelerate in advance and maintain a safe distance to prevent skidding during the braking process.

The automobile braking system is the foundation of safe driving and ensures the safety of drivers' lives. Regular maintenance not only extends the service life of the vehicle but also ensures stable and reliable braking performance. During the driving process, reasonable driving habits and attentiveness to road conditions are equally important. Let us collectively safeguard safety and enjoy a pleasant journey. If there are any issues with the braking system, be sure to seek professional technician assistance and repair.