disc brake assembly
disc brake assembly

QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly

The QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly is a crucial automotive component designed for efficient braking performance. With its disc design, it ensures reliable stopping power, heat dissipation, and responsive braking. Suitable for diverse vehicles, this assembly contributes to safe and dependable braking, making it an essential part of the braking system.


Characteristics of QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly

  • Qllino Disc Brake Assembly are module assembly design.

  • Advanced cast iron processing technology ensure the products safe.

  • Good machining quality is required to ensure the high precision.

  • Top grade raw materials ensure the durable life.

Components and Parts of the QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly

The QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly is composed of several essential components that work together to provide effective braking. These include:

1. Brake Disc (Rotor): The circular metal plate that attaches to the wheel hub, creating friction with the brake pads to slow down or stop the vehicle.

2. Brake Caliper: Houses the brake pads and uses hydraulic pressure to push them against the brake disc, generating the friction required for braking.

3. Brake Pads: These friction materials are pressed against the brake disc by the caliper, creating the necessary friction to stop the vehicle.

4. Caliper Pistons: Hydraulic pistons inside the caliper that apply pressure to the brake pads when the brake pedal is pressed.

5. Brake Lines: Hydraulic lines that carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to the caliper, transmitting the force required for braking.

6. Master Cylinder: Converts brake pedal pressure into hydraulic pressure, sending brake fluid through the lines to the calipers.

7. Brake Fluid Reservoir: Stores brake fluid and ensures a steady supply for the braking system.

8. Anti-Rattle Clips: Hold the brake pads in place and minimize noise and vibrations during braking.

9. Dust Shields/Dust Covers: Protect the brake components from debris and dust, ensuring proper function and longevity.

10. Wheel Bearings: Support the wheel and brake rotor, allowing smooth rotation.

11. Backing Plate/Shim: Provides a surface for the brake pads to contact and helps to dampen vibrations.

12. Brake Pad Wear Sensors: Indicate when the brake pads are worn down and need replacement.

These components collectively form the QDS001 Disc Brake Assembly, working harmoniously to provide efficient and reliable braking performance.

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